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We specialise in all things that affect families and individuals in the areas of family law and UK immigration.

Immigration in the United Kingdom is based on Rules, laws, policies and regulations.  It  is designed to be predictable. Therefore, as we specialise in this area of law we can advise a client with confidence whether or not their case is likely to be successful.  

Equally, if you are going through a relationship breakdown such as divorce or splitting up with an unmarried partner, then we are on hand to help.  We can advice you on property disputes or issues that arise concerning the children.  

If you wish to book a consultation with our specialist solicitor then this is charged at an agreed fee of £250.  

We set 1 hour aside to complete the assessment.  At the end, we would have advised you on the best case plan going forward; and on any costs you are likely to incur.  

You can book your consultation by completing your details below and pressing submit. You will then be taken to our payment page.  We will be notified once the £250 payment is made and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!.

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Our Promise:

An Indepth Case  Assessment with Rogols is an Agreed fee of £250. 

You chose whether the Indepth Case Assessment is via phone, skype or in person at our offices.

The Indepth Case Assessment can take up to 1 hour and comes with no obligation.  You do not have to instruct us to take on your case.

We will give you all the infomation you need to understand exactly what is going on in your circumstances and what your rights are.

Following the Indepth Case Assessment we will email you a written outline of our advice. You can book the assessment on the left.